Practice Areas

Our New Jersey marijuana defense attorneys defend clients arrested and charged with marijuana offenses and related crimes including drug paraphernalia, CDS in a motor vehicle, and distribution of marijuana throughout the state. There is no plea bargaining allowed in municipal courts for drug cases in New Jersey and therefore these cases are normally hard fought with the prosecutors. In order to secure a dismissal or downgrade of your marijuana charges, our criminal attorneys will often file a motion to suppress evidence based on inadequate probable cause, unlawful search and seizure, or even a violation of our client’s Miranda rights. This is where our clients often see an advantage of retaining a criminal defense firm with over 100 year of experience to handle their case and fight for them. Below we have compiled a list for your convenience which specifies different marijuana crimes and counties where we consistently appear to defend clients. This is not an all-inclusive list so if you do not see your offense or county listed do not worry – we most definitely handle them as well.

To learn more about how our marijuana attorneys may be able to help you or your loved one, contact our office at 877-450-8301 today to set up a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer. During the consultation our lawyers will be able to learn about the specific facts of your case and speak with you about potential defenses and how much our services would be if you choose to retain us. Whether you decide to hire us or not, everything you speak to us about over the phone is kept confidential and private.